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The photo at the top right shows a fluorescent marker which allows to easily find back, at night and from a great distance, a specific location or coral block marked earlier, e.g. during the day.


21st November 2016:

A new dual beam fluorescence torch, the SeaLife Sea Dragon Fluoro, co-developed by our associate FireDiveGear.com, has been presented at DEMA Show 2016. For more information, see Reef Divers and Reef Builders. This torch is expected to ship in January 2017.

[Sea Dragon]
Photo © 2016 Reef Divers

16th March 2016:


The "BlueBright II" a.k.a. "Lightsaber II" torch is SOLD OUT at FluoMedia.org!
It is now available from our cooperation partner FWT Schulz:
Normal version (3x C battery)
Mini version (3x AAA battery)
Li-ion version (1x 18650 Li-ion)

7th March 2016:


3 down - 3 torches left!

26th February 2016:


The popular "BlueBright II" aka "Lightsaber II" fluo dive light is available at 179 Euros per piece (optionally together with one or two standard mask filters at the heavily discounted price of 25 Euros each, instead of normally 35 Euros) WHILE STOCKS LAST (6 torches left)!

After that the price per torch will go up to (currently) 184 Euros, and the mask filters to 35 Euros. Moreover torches and filters will no longer be available in one package, but from two separate vendors (meaning increased shipping costs).

[BlueBright II]
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10th February 2016:

For the part about fluorescence from the show "Galileo Big Pictures: Giganten", see http://www.prosieben.de/tv/galileo-big-pictures/videos/125-galileo-big-pictures-giganten-ganze-folge, Chapter 3 (of 5), starting at 00:01:55 (not counting the mandatory two commercials at the beginning). From outside of Germany/Austria/Switzerland you may need a VPN to watch this video (VyprVPN for instance offers 500 MB per month for free).

11th January 2016:

One of Germany's most popular TV channels, ProSieben, is airing a prime time show (in German) about the 50 most spectacular images worldwide and their background stories (Saturday 6th February 2016 at 20:15 h, ProSieben: "Galileo Big Pictures - Giganten"), among which will be an excerpt of my video about underwater fluorescence:

[Galileo Big Pictures]
Screenshot © 2016 ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH

25th September 2015:

In commemoration of the "Endangered Species Day" on 15th May 2015 (during our Fluorescence Workshop 8th to 23rd May 2015 in Marsa Shagra Village, Red Sea Diving Safari) we organized an underwater scavenger hunt using fluorescent markers:

[Endangered Species Day] [Endangered Species Day]
Photos © 2015 S. Beyer

22nd September 2015:

Watch a video impression of underwater fluorescence seen during the Fluorescence Workshop
at the Marsa Shagra Village of Red Sea Diving Safari, 8-23 May 2015:

[Fluo Workshop Video Impression]
Photo © 2015 S. Beyer

23rd May 2015:

Here are the links to my presentation for the Fluorescence Workshop:

Hier sind die Links zu meiner Präsentation für den Fluoreszenz-Workshop:

  • ENGLISH (PPS 24.4MB) (right-click and "Save Link As...")

  • DEUTSCH (PPS 18.8MB) (right-click and "Save Link As...")

[Presentation Fluorescence Workshop]
Image © 2015 S. Beyer

12th May 2015:

My best images from our Fluorescence Diving Workshop can be found here:

[Marsa Shagra May 2015]
Photo © 2015 S. Beyer

17th April 2015:

Don't miss our Fluorescence Diving Workshop:

[Fluorescence Diving Workshop]
Image © 2015 S. Beyer

16th April 2015:

The following video and images were made with our BlueBright II torch by Jacques Vieira from Sakatia Lodge, Madagascar (used with kind permission):

[Jacques Vieira @ Sakatia Lodge Madagascar 1] [Jacques Vieira @ Sakatia Lodge Madagascar 2]
[Jacques Vieira @ Sakatia Lodge Madagascar 3] [Jacques Vieira @ Sakatia Lodge Madagascar 4]
Video and images © 2015 Jacques Vieira @ Sakatia Lodge, Madagascar

16th December 2014:

Fluorescence Diving Workshop May 8th to May 23rd 2015 in Marsa Shagra, Egypt (Red Sea):

Accompany the experts Prof. Dr. Horst Grunz and Steffen Beyer on an unforgettable journey to Alice's Wonderland and learn to know a hidden psychedelic landscape in which animals glow like neon signs!

From May 8th to May 23rd 2015, Horst and Steffen will give several free multimedia presentations at Red Sea Diving Safari (RSDS) in Marsa Shagra, and you can also join them for a fluorescence night dive on an ad-hoc basis.

The necessary equipment will be provided, and/or can be purchased locally or beforehand for a reduced price (please contact us).

See Red Sea Diving Safari Fluorescence Workshop for more information and/or contact them.

[Scorpion Fish]
Photo © 2012 S. Beyer

19th November 2014:

Another article of ours was published in Alert Diver Magazine (DAN): Seeing the Reef in a New Light - Fluorescence night diving in issue Volume 30, No. 4 (Fall 2014) on pages 44-47, written by Lynn Miner.

[Alert Diver Magazine]
Photo © 2014 Lynn Miner

8th November 2014:

FluoMedia.org will be present at the BOAT trade show in Düsseldorf/Germany on 17-25 January 2015. You can find us on Saturdays and Sundays 17/18 and 24/25 January 2015 at the booth of FWT Schulz at coordinates F21 in hall 3.

[Boot 2015]

7th November 2014:

Our American branch FireDiveGear.com will be present at the DEMA Show 2014 (November 19-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA). You can find us at our own booth #2911 in the Image Resource Center:

[DEMA Show 2014]
Image © 2014 DEMA

21st May 2014:

Initially (18th May 2012) my associate from the US, Lynn Miner, and me, Steffen Beyer, living in the Netherlands, founded www.FireDiveGear.com together.

With time however, each of us specialised in his own fields of expertise, meaning that there are some products that only he makes (e.g. all mounts and filters), and some only I make (e.g. the BlueBright aka Lightsaber torch).

In an effort to make this more transparent, i.e., the fact that the product lines in the US and Europe are different, we also created (8th December 2013) the new brand and website www.FluoMedia.org for the European half of www.FireDiveGear.com.

Have a look at our product pages www.FireDiveGear.com and www.FluoMedia.org to see the difference!

[FireDiveGear.com Logo]
Logo © 2012-2015 FireDiveGear.com

6th May 2014:

Finally: the new mask strap wrappers are in:

[Mask Wrappers]
Photo © 2014 S. Beyer

22nd March 2014:

The new version of our "BlueBright II" a.k.a. "Lightsaber II" torch (with a "flood" instead of a "spot" beam) is finally in stock!

[BlueBright II]
Photo © 2014 S. Beyer

11th March 2014:

The following pictures were taken with our BlueBright I torch by Ben Lewis from Deep Sea Divers Den, Cairns, Queensland, Australia (used with kind permission):

[Ben Lewis @ Deep Sea Divers Den 1]
[Ben Lewis @ Deep Sea Divers Den 2]
[Ben Lewis @ Deep Sea Divers Den 3]
Photos © 2014 Ben Lewis @ Deep Sea Divers Den

28th January 2014:

COMING SOON: Thanks to popular demand, a new version of our BlueBright a.k.a. "Lightsaber" torch called the "BlueBright II", which will have a soft uniform "flood" instead of a hard "spot" beam characteristic.

[BlueBright II]
Photo © 2014 S. Beyer

26th January 2014:

I am glad to announce that a cooperation between FWT Schulz and FluoMedia.org has been decided.

We will work together to produce and market some of the finest equipment for fluorescence diving on the market which outperforms all other equipment, foremost in terms of quality of the fluorescence that can be experienced with it.

Quality made in Germany.

[FWT Schulz Logo] [FluoMedia.org Logo]

13th January 2014:

I am very glad to have met so many of you at the Salon International de la Plongée Sous-Marine trade show in Paris/France on 10-12 January 2014!

[Salon International de la Plongée Sous-Marine 2014]
Photo © 2014 S. Beyer

I hope to meet even more of you soon at the BOAT trade show in Düsseldorf/Germany on 18-26 January 2014 (I will be present Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th January).

[Boot Messe 2014]

6th January 2014:

Another article of ours was published on 02-Jan-2014 in issue #58 (Jan 2014) of X-Ray Mag dive magazine: On the Rise: Fluorescent Night Diving (High Resolution, Medium Resolution, Low Resolution) on pages 88-91, edited by Don Silcock.

[X-Ray Mag #58]

23rd December 2013:

We also went live on Facebook [Facebook] and Google+ [Google+].

13th December 2013:

On Friday 13th, FluoMedia.org went live. 13 was always my lucky number - good luck, FluoMedia.org!

8th December 2013:

Foundation of FluoMedia.org (date of first website domain registration).


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