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This page contains links to pages with valuable additional information, mostly about underwater fluorescence.


The photo at the top right shows different types of fluorescent corals.

Press coverage:

Joey Ruberti from Nano News has cited our video in Episode 9 of his video blog (starting at 4'02").

Advanced Aquarist, Maxi Sciences, Neatorama, Reddit, Reef Builders, WQED, Wanderin' Weeta and Kompresja.pl also carry articles about and/or links to our video.

Publications of ours:

The following are the unabbreviated original drafts which formed the basis for most of the above-mentioned publications
(but kept up to date as new information becomes available):

Fluorescence in the media:

There is a TV series consisting of three parts called Water Colours and produced by Liquid Motion Film for National Geographic, about underwater communication through colours, the third part of which is titled A Touch of Fluorescence, which contains some unheard-of and stunning footage of underwater fluorescence (even in the deep sea!). The series can be ordered directly from the producers; the three DVDs (3x50 min.) cost € 45 in total plus € 9 shipping (UK to NL), as of autumn 2012 - a real bargain, since the whole series is simply amazing!

See this video interview of Dr. Anya Salih from the University of Western Sydney, by the American Museum of Natural History, which gives an excellent insight into the medical applications and importance of underwater fluorescence.

Important literature:

Anya Salih, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Guy Cox (06-Oct-1997): Photoprotection of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates by Fluorescent Pigments in Reef Corals (PDF 603KB).

A.H. Baird, A. Salih, A. Trevor-Jones (17-Nov-2005): Fluorescence census techniques for the early detection of coral recruits (PDF 315KB).

Nico K. Michiels et al. (16-Sep-2008): Red fluorescence in reef fish: A novel signalling mechanism?, full text (PDF 6.6MB) (video supplement #1, video supplement #2).

Konstantin A. Lukyanov et al. (26-Apr-2009): Green fluorescent proteins are light-induced electron donors, full text (PDF 1.4MB).

Melissa S. Roth & Dimitri D. Deheyn (12-Mar-2013): Effects of cold stress and heat stress on coral fluorescence in reef-building corals, full text (PDF 2.3MB).

John S. Sparks, Robert C. Schelly, W. Leo Smith, Matthew P. Davis, Dan Tchernov, Vincent A. Pieribone, David F. Gruber (08-Jan-2014): The Covert World of Fish Biofluorescence: A Phylogenetically Widespread and Phenotypically Variable Phenomenon.

Nico K. Michiels et al. (25-Jun-2014): Red fluorescence increases with depth in reef fishes, supporting a visual function, not UV protection (PDF 1.1MB).

O. Beijbom, T. Treibitz, D.I. Kline, G. Eyal, A. Khen, B. Neal, Y. Loya, B.G. Mitchell, D. Kriegman (29-Mar-2016): Improving Automated Annotation of Benthic Survey Images Using Wide-band Fluorescence, full text (PDF 3.6MB).

Informational pages:

See Steffen Beyer's Fluolinks web page for the most comprehensive collection of information and links about fluorescence diving on the Internet, in particular with information about how to build your own gear and where to find other vendors of or suppliers for fluorescence diving gear as well as operators who offer fluorescence dives, and lots of photos and videos.

In particular, see his section about products for a comparison of other vendors and products.

Please note that we provide you with this link because we do not shy away from comparison with other manufacturers. We are confident that our equipment performs better and has a better "bang for the buck" ratio. Contrary to most other vendors we experiment a lot and test our own gear extensively in order to fine-tune it for optimal results. We do this out of passion for underwater fluorescence and for fun, no matter the costs. This would simply be too expensive for other manufacturers to do.

Dedicated websites:

Prof. Dr. Horst Grunz has made significant contributions to the science and technology of underwater fluorescence.

See UV Dive Koh Tao (English) and Duiken in Thailand (Dutch) for a dive operator exclusively devoted to fluorescence diving.


Alex in Wanderland: UV Night Diving Koh Tao tells the story of Alex (not identical with any of the other "Alex" mentioned below!) who first thought fluo-diving was another word for taking mushrooms before going diving, and how she found out that she didn't actually have to take any mushrooms to make a unique and exhilarating experience nevertheless, despite her apprehension of night dives.

UV Night Diving tells the story of how Alex Tyrell-Kenyon (not identical with Alex Tyrrell of Dive4Photos, who introduced fluo diving to the Philippines) became addicted to fluo night dives.

Alex Mustard is a professional underwater photographer who has done a lot of pioneering work in underwater fluorescence photography.

Note: the name "Alex" seems to be a prerequisite for fluo diving! ;-)


See Steffen Beyer's Dive Plan Calculator for a simple (metric) online dive planner (includes repeated dives but no multi-level dives) with detailed air plan, based on the Canadian DCIEM dive tables, widely considered to be safer than most other diving tables.


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